Liquihard Slip Resistance prevents dusting, pitting, and staining of concrete

Liqui-Hard Concrete Densifier and Hardner


W.R. MEADOWS has been providing owners, designers and contracters with peace of mind for nearly 80 years. Protecting concrete is our business. LIQUI-HARD is a proprietary formula that penetrates the pores of your concrete to produce a tough, durable, dust-free surface.

LIQUI-HARD outperforms other products on the market to provide you with a tough, hardened surface, without the need for costly reapplication.

Most importantly, it is designed to be applied once to last the life of your building. Untreated or improperly treated concrete can be a liability for for the life of your building.

Making the right chocies can be difficult. Choose experience... choose the leader... choose W. R. MEADOWS.

You own your floor forever - why would you want to treat it more than once?
Liqui-Hard Concrete Densifier and Hardner